Weird Travels

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From creepy creatures like Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster, to mysterious civilizations like the Maya and the Nazca – from the age old legend of the Holy Grail to recent phenomena like crop circles and UFOs, join us on our “Weird Travels” as we investigate and uncover some of the biggest mysteries in the world.

From figures carved into the Peruvian dessert to crop fields in England, messages from ancient civilizations or from beyond have puzzled us for centuries. Who made these signs and what were they meant to say? We’ll travel the globe to decipher the message of our earth’s most puzzling signs.

Lake Monsters
There’s something lurking deep beneath our world’s largest lakes. From the emerald waters of Scotland’s Loch Ness to Vermont’s charming Lake Champlain, witnesses tell terrifying tales of prehistoric, long-necked creatures. Join us, as we explore the waters in search of elusive Lake Monsters.

Mystery Spots
One visit to the breathtaking ruins of Machu Picchu, or to beautiful Sedona, Arizona, and it’s clear-some places on this earth are “magical”. From the mountains to the desserts, we’ll search for clues to uncover the mysteries behind Mother Nature’s mystery spots-where beauty, the supernatural, and the metaphysical all converge.

Mystery of the Maya
From Mexico’s luch Yucatan Peninsula down south to Belize, the enlightened Maya vanished – hundreds of years ago. But where did they go? And what did they know? Travel with us as we search the dense jungles, ancient ruins and their “underworld” for secrets to help unlock the great mystery of the Maya.

No longer just the stuff of Hollywood blockbusters, UFO sightings are skyrocketing around the globe. From Roswell, New Mexico and Nevada’s notorious Area 51 to the Mexican city of Guadalupe, from Arizona’s White Mountains to the busy metropolis of nearby Phoenix – We’re on a mission to find out once and for all – is anyone out there?

For centuries, legends of hairy, apelike beasts have terrified remote regions around the globe. From California’s Pacific Northwest, to the gator-infested swamps of the Everglades and the dense forests of eastern Texas, we’re hot on the trail to bring the legend of Bigfoot from myth to reality

Creepy Creatures
Giant cryptides like the Mothman and Jersey Devil, are often dismissed as science fiction or fantasy. Legends of creepy creatures terrorizing small towns lurking deep in the forest or hiding in murky waters have been told around campfires for years. But what happens when they turn out to be real?

The Quest for the Holy Grail
From the magnificent carved symbols of Scotland’s Rosslyn chapel to mysterious codes hidden in books and monuments across England, we’ll track down secret clues to find out what the Holy Grail actually is and where it might be concealed.

Spirits of the South
Scarred by a history of piracy, brutal slavery, and bloody Civil War battles, the South is fertile ground for everything strange, unexplained, and paranormal.

Mysteries of Route 66
Meet more than just a few “living” remnants along the most historic road in America’s history.

The Wicked West
The Weird, Wild West transports us to the legendary ghost towns, saloons, inns, and ceremonies haunted by the legends of the Old West.

Haunted Campuses
Murders, suicides, broken hearts, failed exams... a whole lot of history is buried beneath the thick stone walls of college dorms, libraries, gymnasiums and dining halls.

Frightening Florida
While Mickey Mouse invites tourists to visit his Haunted House at Disneyworld, very real haunted houses have been terrorizing Florida residents for centuries.

Chicago Haunts
Beyond the Sears Tower and the Miracle Mile lies some of the scariest sites in America.

Phantoms of the Opera
Every good theater has a ghost, join us as we peer backstage at some of the country’s most haunted theaters.

Creepy Capital City
While the city is known for its spirit of democracy, there are ghostly spirits in the city that have elected to stay behind to have their voices heard.

Bizarre Boston
We’ll visit the ghosts of Boston and beyond, whose presence and as much a part of the city’s history as tea parties and beans.

New Mexico’s Visitors
Most of the paranormal attention in New Mexico has focused on Roswell and the alleged alien activity there…but there’s plenty of unexplained phenomena to go around, and aliens aren’t the only strange visitors to make their presence felt.